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I enjoy them very much they are very helpful and very knowledgeable of what they're doing and I've had them now I think for going on 4 years or longer and I would use them again as soon as I can they are great people

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Nancy karen Dickerson, on Google

Vary helpful and they know what their doing

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Darren Kittle, on Google

This place was awesome. They were extremely friendly & very prompt.

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Audrey Edberg, on Google

Efficient and knowledgeable!

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John Stennes-Spidahl, on Google

Had a good experience with Better Hearing Center, they got me in early, was very professional in conducting the hearing test, very easy to talk and work with them. Tim Weihrouch

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Tim Karla, on Google

Met Tom Vierling Thursday For A Hearing Test.Tom Was Excellent in His Way To Explain To Me About My Possible Hearing Loss.After All Was Said And Done I Did Need Hearing Aides Which I Ordered So Thank You Tom!!

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Ray Luedke, on Google

Great friendly and personal service

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Pat Bahr, on Google

Good service

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Margaret Goetting, on Google

Awesome place and great and helpful staff.

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Lisa Carlson, on Google

Very professional, explained step-by-step and explained the test and the result.

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William Barr, on Google

Very professional . All options were discussed. The ball is in my court .

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Bruce Kendall, on Google

Very professional yet very personable!

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Sacia Andersen, on Google

Very informative and very helpful also fair pricing

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edward oldenburg, on Google

The person at the front desk at Better/Hearing was very helpful and courteous. She assisted me with my hearing aids, great!

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Jim Bagniewski, on Google

Very caring professional service. Willing to spend the time needed to make sure you get the best results out of your hearing aids.

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Randy Van Vleet, on Google

Always a great experience with Better Hearing

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Barbara Breitung, on Google

First time with hearing aids! It’s a learning process and they have been great to work with.

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Daryl Applebury, on Google

Very polite and understanding

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Daniel Campbell, on Google

Great service.

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Stan Rhodenhizer, on Google

Very efficient, can call for help as needed.

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Roxie Riley, on Google

They are very kind and caring. GREAT experience!

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Karen Kellicutt, on Google

My experience with this center was great. They answered my questions and were prompt in getting in. Very friendly

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Sandy Sauers, on Google

Very customer friendly, very responsive and great customer support. We have moved to the Minneapolis area, but they still check in with me and provide me with answers when I need them. When we made it back, we stopped had my aids cleaned and refilled some supplies. Highly recommend this place!

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Brian ONeil, on Google

From Lois: It's very nice to have the support with any problems that come up. Shawn is very helpful and takes good care of my ongoing hearing issues. Thanks again!

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Doug Brown, on Google

Detail oriented; accurate; very friendly and helpful!!!

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Peggy Daleki, on Google

Excellent customer service. Staff are always friendly and helpful.

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Susan Amble, on Google

“After I had a change to my hearing, which included tinnitus, I called Better Hearing Center. Within a short time I had a new device and a miracle, the Audibel A4. This brought tears to my eyes to hear and understand conversations again. My tinnitus is even better. Thank you for your superior service!”

Wendy B.

“Recently I received my hearing aids and it is amazing how much I have been missing! The sounds are so clear and crisp. I am enjoying the birds in my backyard and my dogs little feet clicking across my floor. It’s wonderful to hear again!”

Virginia B.

“I am happy with the service and courtesy Sean has shown me! Visiting in a noisy restaurant is now a pleasure instead of a struggle. I’m very happy with my Audibel hearing aids!”

Harry F.